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As an educator, Allison has taken a strategic approach to working with a variety of out-of-school and experiential education organizations with the goal of expanding her capacity to teach and facilitate learning in diverse settings. Firmly grounded in interdisciplinary methods, she strives to create fun and meaningful learning experiences in the museum, the art gallery, the classroom, and the community tutoring center. Allison’s background in both museum education and after-school teaching and tutoring has given her a solid foundation of hands-on teaching experience with ages from kindergarten through high school. She has also planned, researched, written, and designed educational literature and programming for college-aged and adult learners in museums.

Over the course of her four years as an educator, Allison has developed a passionate dedication to the philosophy that museums and cultural arts organizations have a unique capacity and undeniable responsibility to partner with classroom teachers and other educators to increase and sustain arts and experiential education in the current public school climate of budget cuts and test score priorities. These institutions possess the perfect conditions for fostering the critical thinking skills that often fall by the wayside in under-resourced schools.

Allison’s professional calling is a position in which she can cultivate and enrich a museum’s or cultural institution’s relationship with the wider, urban community. Such an institution should be a resource that not only teaches, but partners with local educators to create a welcoming environment where curious learners grow into contemplative and engaged citizens. Allison has the vision, experience, and organization to help these cultural centers challenge and inspire learners and educators of all kinds.



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I'm an alternative educator interested in revolutionizing the role that museums and community arts non-profits play in the formal education system. If you'd like to learn more, click on my picture!


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