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Flipped Classrooms

This is an interesting blog post suggesting that the process of flipping classrooms might be the first step toward effectively transitioning teachers into integrating project based learning (ie – experiential learning) into their normal routines. For those readers unfamiliar with flipped classes, it is the idea of ‘reverse instruction.’ In most classrooms, the teacher stands … Continue reading

Mindfulness Through Mandalas

Today’s yoga class was wonderful! I was looking for something new and interesting to do and I found this article about making mandalas on The Kid’s Yoga Resource website. We arranged our mats in a big circle (for those without mats, we marked off a mat-sized area for them to sit) and placed paper plates … Continue reading

Khan Academy

Another great TED talk on the cutting edge of education from Salman Khan. Go to the Khan Academy website and try out the videos and quizzes yourself – they’re all free.

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