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Rethinking the Public Education System’s Approach to Creativity

In this TED Talk, Ken Robinson discusses what needs to change in the public education system so that we can help kids find their talents and creativity instead of training them to fall in line with the ranks of adulthood. He gives a good speech, though he mostly points out the problem and leaves it up to us to solve. I suppose that’s ok, though, because the change he’s asking for will mostly come from a shift in society’s attitudes.

One part of his talk particularly sparked my interest. About half way through his talk, he mentions that he’s written a book called Epiphany where he’s gone around and talked to people about how they discovered their talents. I haven’t read the book (though I will definitely be looking for it at the library), but I’d like to extend his question to my readers. I think it’s an important one that we don’t get asked often enough:

What are you good at and how did you discover it as a strength or talent?

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One thought on “Rethinking the Public Education System’s Approach to Creativity

  1. I definitely agree with that TED talk. I went to a grade school where we were encouraged to NOT fall in line and be a little robot towards adulthood. I went to a Rudolf Steiner school called Waldorf. They basically teach you everything through art and try and have everyone think about things in very subjective, artistic, ways. Basically we learned about math through painting, physics through sculpture etc etc. We also were forced to play an musical instrument every year. It could be the same one or a different one but you had to pick one and play it every day for a year. We also did a lot of acting and nature walks and stuff i.e. Stimulare creativity etc etc. That and we did Eurythmy (Ballet) (STOP LAUGHING!!) haha Very much a hippy-esque, artistic, experience. When I got to high school my teachers thought I was insane in that I could explain chemistry through art and not through the typical formulas. See, I was weird all along. I totally recommend the school though for exactly what TED talk stresses too. Not thinking like everyone else helped me figure out what I’m really good at. I wasn’t given a score and told, “well there you go Carl, you’re going to be a _____________” I just got to experience a lot and figure out naturally what I’m good at. Ultimately Ballet didn’t stick with me! haha

    Posted by Carl A.K.A #:] | October 6, 2011, 8:02 PM

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