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Exit Through the Gift Shop

I watched Exit Through the Gift Shop, a documentary made released last year, this weekend with my little brother. It’s the best art documentary I think I’ve seen (which is no great number, but still, it was quite fascinating). It starts off as a film chronicling the blossoming movement of street art in the 90s, and turns into an ironic story that forces prominent street artists to seriously contemplate their identities and missions as rebellious/revolutionary artists.



One thought on “Exit Through the Gift Shop

  1. It also asks, in a very novel way, questions about what art is and who gets to decide . Is art 90% marketing and hype? What part does technique and innovation play? Is art only what is saleable, and are the artists that command the highest prices the best ones? If you create a body of work, as Thierry does in the film, which is (as those artists who comment on it attest) just a notch above mediocre, yet it sells out at the exhibit, does that mean it was good art, or that those who say it wasn’t all that good were wrong? Given the hype and the film, anything produced by Thierry for that show and anything related to the show is automatically something notable, an artifact, but what makes it art, and how good is it really? Is it on par with the work of Damian Hirst, the highest grossing living artist? If not, why not?

    All these questions…

    Posted by Michael Wilson | October 18, 2011, 9:33 PM

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