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Comic Book Storytelling

My first graders made their very own comic books for the Friday class project last week. I borrowed the activity from my dad, Jeff Weigel, who is a talented illustrator and Children’s book author, among other things. When he makes appearances at libraries and schools, he has a small arsenal of comic book storytelling activities to use to engage kids. This was one:

He’s done four pages of comic book panels with various actions happening. None of the panels have dialogue or writing on them, so the students get to pick their panels, arrange them in the order they like, and make up their own story. The panels are done in black and white, so the kids can color them as well. I also added a few entirely blank panels to the mix if the kids wanted to draw their own characters or add a scene they didn’t see. At the end, they arrange their panels on a blank page, glue them down, and staple it together into their very own comic book.

The class seemed to thoroughly enjoy the activity, and we spent fifteen minutes at the end letting students share their stories with the class.



One thought on “Comic Book Storytelling

  1. I feel like it would be pretty easy to create a comic about Shankman and Scowl Girl. I think we all know which one I would be. Shankman’s bio: once a Warden, he was shanked by a prisoner at the exact time Saturn’s moons lined up. Now he can create a shank out of anything and uses his powers to put the deterrent factor back into prisons. Scowl Girl’s Bio: born on a small farm in rural Ohio, she was bitten by a disgruntled 200 year old first grader (probably a troll). She has the ability to scowl the fear of 1000 teachers into anyone and a special ability called Authority Voice.

    Step aside Batman…

    Posted by Carl A.K.A #:] | October 2, 2011, 9:09 PM

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