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In 8 minutes and 26 seconds…

Here’s my contribution to the holiday. Student Prompt: What would you do if a giant panda let all of the animals out of the zoo? I’ve always wanted to ride an elephant. If this giant panda of anarchy freed all of the animals, I would find the elephant. I don’t think it would be a … Continue reading

Youth Literacy Day

Today (8/26) is youth literacy day. The 826 branches are celebrating by inviting adults to exercise their pens and send them a piece written in 8 minutes and 26 seconds. Chicago is aiming for an ambitious 82.6 pieces, and if you get stuck, they offer several writing prompts compliments of 826 students. Here’s mine if … Continue reading

The wonders of 826

Moving from Boston to Chicago has been exciting and somewhat stressful. However, I have honestly rested easier throughout this whole process knowing that Chicago has an 826 branch. Having worked with the amazing people at 826 Boston for the past year, I went to the 826 Chicago volunteer training session tonight with high expectations. They … Continue reading

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I'm an alternative educator interested in revolutionizing the role that museums and community arts non-profits play in the formal education system. If you'd like to learn more, click on my picture!


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